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SNS strategy plans

Activities in SNS are directed by a 4-year strategy plan supplemented by annual work programmes.

SNS strategy 2014-2017

The primary goal of SNS is to initiate and foster efforts to optimise the use of Nordic forests, forest areas, and wooded areas in urban environments. Moreover, other important goals are to assist in optimisation of the forests’ social functions and non-commercial values, as well as the use of wood and other forest products.

In the strategy period 2014-2017 SNS has three thematic focus areas within forests and forest research: bioeconomy, the climate and social aspects. The strategic focus areas do not stand alone, but are based on the three, interlinked dimensions (economic, ecological and social) of sustainability. They are all core elements of SNS activities, and are highly related to the challenges faced by the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture, Food and Forestry (EK-FJLS).

SNS strategies

SNS strategy 2014-2017 (in Danish)

SNS strategy 2014-2017 (in English)

SNS strategy 2010-2013 (in Swedish)

SNS strategy 2007-2009 (in Swedish)

SNS strategy 2004-2006 (in Norwegian)

SNS strategy 1998-2000 (in Danish)

SNS strategy 1994-1997 (in Danish)

SNS annual work programmes

SNS annual work programme 2014

SNS annual work programme 2013

SNS annual work programme 2012

SNS annual work programme 2011

SNS annual work programme 2010

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