Inspiring reading about Nordic bioeconomy

Bioeconomy – what does it mean to you? Not much? Know you can get a good answer in the book Nordic bioeconomy – 25 cases for sustainable change!


170310 25 cases

In short, the book consists of exampels of how to do things without wasting the biological resources. Ho do we turn waste into useful products? How do we stop producing so much waste? Here you can read about the project that turned a byproduct from the paperindustry into jet fuel. Or the cheese company that turned there byproduct into valuable proteinpowder. Or the project that grows macroalgae and makes both food and fuel out of it.

The book contains a lot of initiated information, but is easy to digest because of the professional photos, short texts and the expressive and clear layout.

The book is meant to illustrate the diversity of the bioeconomic activities in the Nordic countries and to inspire and stimulate to innovation in the field.

Jonas Rönnberg from SNS has contributed to the catalog wich is published by the Nordic Counsil of Ministers.