PRESSRELEASE: SNS makes new call for networking in wood science

Bio-based economy: new financing opportunity for researchers

Are you in wood science and technology? SNS now gives you the opportunity to apply for financing of networks with the aim to promote collaboration among researchers, stakeholders and communicators from the Nordic forest sector by networking activities. The networks should cover topics within Nordic wood science and technology, including wood processing and utilisation. The topics could also be wider and deal with economic and social issues, for example how wood and fibre products contribute to a sustainable development in a circular economy.

Deadline for application submission is Monday, September 11, 2017 at 24.00 CET.


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Nordic Forest Research (SNS) is a co-operating body under the Nordic Council of MinistersIts main objective is to advance research in multiple, sustainable uses of forests. SNS initiates and coordinates cooperative forest research activities and contributes to Nordic benefit and political cooperation in both the Nordic region and neighbouring areas.