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Centre of Advanced Research (CAR)

Next upcoming Call is planned for 2020 for projects to start in 2021

For inspiration: please find the former call for funding of Centres of Advanced Research projects below:

The Nordic Forest Research Cooperation Committee (SNS) has over the years 2005-2015 established and supported 4-5 CARs (Centres of Advanced Research). SNS has evaluated CARs to be an important and effective tool for forest research and longer term networking in the Nordic region and adjacent countries. SNS has decided to announce an OPEN call for CARs 2016-2020.

In the following, general and specific criteria for the application are provided. Deadline for applications for new CAR-projects for the period 2016-2020 is 15.9.2015 (24:00). The applications will be externally reviewed and successful applicants will be notified in December 2015 with project start January 1st 2016.

Aim of CARs

The aim of CARs is to use of the collective Nordic R&D resources efficiently, thereby increasing the return on R&D investments. Hence, CARs is expected to achieve synergies and avoid duplication in R&D work.

Strategic areas

The research areas covered by a CAR should be linked to the SNS strategy, including issues and questions as well as other strategies or declarations of importance to the related geographical and topic areas covered by the intended CAR, for which support is applied.

In the SNS strategy bio-economy, climate and society are priority areas, including forest bio-economy, a fossil-free society and social issues, the wood value chain (silviculture and forest production, harvesting techniques and logistics), and processing.

A CAR covers Nordic forest research in a special subject area or several areas, related to each other. If more CARs are funded, they are expected to coordinate internally, through annual exchange of information.

Form of CARs

A CAR contains the coordination of strategic (4-5 year) and operational (annual) work plans. The CARs are expected to clearly work for collaboration or sharing of tasks/activities that are clearly specified according to the strategic and operational plans. The strategic plans must identify objectives, target groups, personal commitment, responsibility and budget.

  • A CAR period covers 4-5 years.
  • A CAR is headed by a CAR coordinator, and steering group with representatives from the participating countries. The coordinator in a CAR project is responsible for administration and finance.
  • A CAR is furthermore open to participants from the Nordic and Baltic countries, with adjacent areas. The coordinator for a CAR shall though be based at an institution in a Nordic country.
  • A CAR coordinates research within its research area.
  • A CAR takes the initiative to coordinate research and enhance synergies for research within its area.
  • A CAR should have a website with current information and links relevant for the research area.
  • A CAR ensures dissemination of results e.g. policy briefs (mandatory).
  • CAR works, if necessary, as an expert body for NMR, ÄK-FJLS and SNS.
  • A CAR takes into account gender equality when establishing steering groups and selecting individual members. The goal is to have both gender represented by 40 to 60%. A CAR application should include a plan for gender equality.

Funding of CARs

The funding for a CAR provides means for long-term networking and coordination.

CAR-funding supports decentralised research, exchange of researcher for short periods and networking. The cost for coordination includes work time, also for arranging conferences and workshops, but not for participation in these activities. Except for coordination time, the costs for CAR meetings, conferences and workshops etc. are travel costs, costs for venue and meeting rooms etc.

CAR members will hence contribute with their own salary and finance their participation. Members should meet at least once a year.

CARs arrange high quality conferences and workshops.

External stakeholders related to the strategic area of the CAR shall at some stage be approached and involved.

A CAR can receive funding from SNS at a maximum of 10% of the total costs of the CAR (excluding any overhead such as administrative costs, at any level in the organisation).

Funding from SNS for a CAR is up to 300.000 – 600.000 SEK per CAR and year. The long-term funding is dependent on funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR).

Timeline of Call and Application period

Deadline for application: September 15th 2015 at 24.00.
Notification to successful applicants: December 2015
Financing start: January 2016.

How to apply

To apply, please download the Application Form here and more information can be found in the Rules of Application.

Application Form
Rules of Application