Talltimmer. Photo: Mats Hannerz


Apply for EFINORD-SNS networks!

Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and the North European Regional Office of European Forest Institute – EFINORD – announce a new joint call for networks.

This joint network call is a part of the SNS-EFINORD cooperation since 2012. The aim of the collaboration is to establish better contact between the forest research communities in the Nordic, pill Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic regions. The link between the North European Region and EFI should be tightened and add a European dimensions into the well-established Nordic forest research co-operation.

To increase the Nordic – Baltic – North Atlantic synergies, case an EFINORD – SNS network should assemble partners from three different Nordic countries and three other EFINORD countries.

The total budget of the Call is 1.000.000 SEK and The applied amount per network should be approx. 100.000 – 200.000 SEK.
A self-financing component of at minimum 50% of the total budget of the network is required.

Are you interested in to establish a scientific network within your research area or you want to continue a successful ongoing scientific network? Detailed information on the conditions of the call can be found in the “Rules of Application”.

Welcome with your application by filling in the “Application Form” and submit it no longer than 1st of June 2016.


Rules of Application

Application Form

Deadline: 1st of June 2016