Talltimmer. Photo: Mats Hannerz


Call for joint EFINORD-SNS networks is open!


The network call is announced jointly by Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and the North European Regional Office of European Forest Institute (EFINORD).


The aim of the joint EFINORD-SNS network call is to increase interactions within forest research, industry and politics in the Nordic, Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic regions, preferably with a cross-disciplinary approach by networking, workshops, seminars and joint utilization of research facilities. The networks should cover topics within sustainable forest management of Nordic interest, including for example dissemination of research results or providing of research based policy advice for a sustainable future.


Deadline for submission is Thursday, June 1st 2017


Find out more about the call here.

How to apply

Download the new application form from google drive here, fill it in and submit to sns@slu.se and efinord@efi.int before June 1st.


Call for joint NKJ-SNS networks is now closed