Journal News Feed – WMSE Volume 10 (1)

The journal news feed presents the editors’ condensed summaries of key findings from selected scientific papers from SNS’ two scientific journals Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research and Wood Material Science & Engineering.

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This time the Special issue to the 10th Volume

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Sensors in the Forest Products Industry

The forest products industry takes a natural resource with variable properties and transforms it into a wide range of engineered products with increasingly demanding material specifications. To meet the demands of the market, and maximize the value of the resource, companies must measure wood product properties and optimize production processes. There are many steps along the value chain where information is needed to aid in processing and end use decisions. This information is increasingly being obtained from automated sensing systems that can provide real-time information in the forest, during manufacture, or in service, and enable rapid decision making to improve process or product performance. Sensors must provide reliable data upon which processing or end use decisions can be made.

Sensors and data processing techniques continue to evolve to meet this challenge. The papers in this special issue highlight some of the advances in sensing technology applied to forest products such as near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), microwave tomographic systems, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and electronic nose techniques.

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