EFINORD Head of Office appointed

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Ms. Sinikka Västilä has been appointed Head of Office of the North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute (EFINORD). Ms. Västilä will start her one year term in March 2015. The Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) jointly host EFINORD Regional Office at the premises of SLU Faculty of Forest Sciences in Umeå, Sweden.

EFINORD promotes and facilitates transnational cooperation between EFI Associate Members in the Nordic-Baltic region, especially to support the development of a sustainable bioeconomy, including the implications, trade-offs and synergies related to intensifying forest management, increasing biomass production and ensuring the provision of ecosystem services.

Apply for cross-sectorial networks in Forestry and Agriculture

This time with SNS and NKJ.

The aim of the joint call is to promote international cross-sectorial collaboration among researchers and stakeholders from forestry and agriculture by networking activities. We aim to create a platform for communication in order to assess challenges, knowledge gaps and opportunities in the areas of biomass utilisation and land use.

The total budget for the call is 800,000 SEK and Network grants are for 1-2 years of activities.

  • The applied amount per network should be approx. 100.000 – 250.000 SEK/year
  • A self-financing component of at minimum 50% of the total budget of  is required.
  • The funding should primarily be spent on networking activities such as travel and meeting costs, and related networking cost.

Download flyer here

For more information please have a look here:

Forests around the world affected by climate change

An highly interesting article on forests and climate change was recently published by the Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK):

Around the globe, forests are found to be undergoing strong changes due to human influence already today. Degradation of woods due to man-made climate change cannot be ruled out for the future, a Special Feature in the Journal of Ecology, led by a team of scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), now shows. To understand and improve the resilience of forests, a combination of approaches from small-scale field experiments to large-scale computer simulations can help, according to the studies. Taking a risk perspective, the scientists caution that global warming puts additional pressure on some of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth.

The whole article and related articles published in Ecology can be viewed here!

Student Trainee for The Nordic Centre

The Nordic Centre is  looking for a student trainee . The time will be fall semester 2015/2016 and the deadline for applications is March 10. 2015. The place of work will in Shanghai, China.

The position is to students from the Nordic Centre´s member universities and students from all academic fields are invited to apply.

More information HERE

Call for Nordic Flagship Projects (Nordic Energy Research)

This call of 80 million NOK aims to support three to five Nordic Flagship Projects of up to four years in length. These ambitious and high profile projects will address interdisciplinary research questions from a Nordic perspective, contributing to the achievement of national energy and climate targets. The projects will facilitate in-depth and effective cooperation between Nordic research environments, world-class energy research and development activities, and the production of politically relevant research results.

Find out more about the call HERE

Oucome of The Sumforest Foresight Workshop in Brussels

Last Tuesday, the 2nd of December, Sumforest held a foresight exercise workshop at KoWi (Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen) in Brussels. The goal of the workshop was interactions with and the identification of information needs from and for forest policy makers. The foresight workshop was organised with European forest policy makers, scientists and key stakeholders from the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Find out more about the workshop HERE

Ecosystem Services : In Nordic Freshwater Management

Human well-being is dependent upon and benefit from ecosystem services which are delivered by well-functioning ecosystems. Ecosystem services can be mapped and assessed consistently within an ecosystem service framework. This project aims to explore the use and usefulness of the ecosystem service framework in freshwater management, particularly water management according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD). There are several examples of how ecosystem services have been used in WFD related studies in all the Nordic countries. Most of them involve listing, describing and categorizing freshwater ecosystem services, while there are few comprehensive Cost Benefit Analyses and analyses of disproportionate costs that apply this framework. More knowledge about ecosystem services and the value of ecosystem services for freshwater systems is needed.

Read report HERE

Call for Funding and Matchmaking Day

An early heads-up : the SNS and NKJ secretariats will announce a funding call on the 26th of January 2015. The aim is to support interesting Forestry and Agriculture projects that foster sustainable resource management in the Nordic countries. Later in February we will organize a Matchmaking Day aiming to bring researchers from different fields (forestry, agriculture, energy etc.) together and spark brilliant ideas!!!

More details will be soon announced on SNS homepage and NB forest

For more information, please contact:



Climate change – is Nordic forestry prepared?

Climate change is recognized as one of the most important challenges for society and many ecosystems. Although forests are generally robust there is a concern that many forest trees will be seriously affected by the rapid increase in temperature. Nordgen Forest has conducted a survey to assess awareness and preparedness for climate change.

Find out more HERE

Insights into Research Capacities and Priorities within the EU, Russia, and EaP Countries

Last Whednesday, the 19th of Novmber, the Sumforest Workshop “Sustainable Forest Management – Research Capacities and Priorities” was held in Kazan, Russia. The workshop was held as an official side event of the 72nd session of the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI).

The objective was to discuss and share views on potentials to increase cooperation and setting joint priorities in research needs in the field of sustainable forest management in EU and Russia and the Eastern partnership (EaP) countries.


The workshop gathered over 40 participants – the representatives of forest sector from Russia, EU and five Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and Moldova). The participants represented applied research, academic and educational organizations, as well as business organizations and public bodies in the forest sector.

The workshop outcomes will be used as a basis for further work on identifying joint research priorities, as background work for a possible later joint call for proposals targeted at EU and Russia/Eastern partnership on research on sustainable forest management.

For a first insight into the outcome, the conference programme and presentations can be downloaded here. The presentations can be accessed by clicking the according links in the conference programme.

Photos are taken by Denis Popov, Mondi Syktyvkar