BMX cykel. Photo: Mats Hannerz

CARe-FOR-US II (2011-2015)

Nordic-Baltic Centre of Advanced Research on Forestry Serving Urbanised Societies II (2011-2015)

Coordinator: Associate Professor Anders Busse Nielsen, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,

Financing: 400.000 DKK/year for 5 years

This CAR continues its successful work from the previous funding period, being a catalyst for research in the fields of urban forestry and forestry at large. In the first period, several emerging research topics were identified. These have been used to select four prioritised research themes in the new CAR: Forest governance (how decisions about forests are made and who is involved); Nature and human health relations; Forest, recreation and tourism; and Quality urban forest management.

Find out more on the CARe-FOR-US II website.

Policy brief – Urban tree diversity for sustainable cities (pdf).
Policy brief – Citizen participation for better urban green spaces (pdf).

Policy brief - Place-based governance of urban forests and green spaces for climate-resilient cities (pdf).

Policy brief – place-based green governance for climate-resilient urban forestry and urban greening

Annual report (2014) from CARe-FOR-US (pdf).
Annual report (2013) from CARe-FOR-US (pdf).
Annual report (2012) from CARe-FOR-US (pdf).
Annual report (2011) from CARe-FOR-US (pdf).

Final Economic Report

Final Report