PATHCAR (2006-2010)

Virtual centre of advanced research in forest pathology (2006-2010)

Coordinator: Jarkko Hantula, Metla, Finland,


PATHCAR was to promote collaboration among Nordic and Baltic forest pathologists to make Nordic/Baltic forest pathology more efficient and competitive. Dissemination of results to different end-users and stakeholders in the Nordic and Baltic countries was also given high priority.

The network was led by a coordination committee, with representatives from the participating institutes:

  • Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)
  • Norwegian Forest Research Institute (Skogforsk)
  • Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Denmark (KU LIFE)
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
  • Icelandic Forest Research Station
  • Estonian Agricultural University
  • Latvian State Forestry Research Institute (SILAVA)
  • Lithuanian University of Agriculture

The coordinating committee discussed relevant projects at the Nordic institutes and decided which projects should be given the highest priority for Nordic co-operation. Proposals were made to include the following projects in PATHCAR:

  • Molecular tools in the ecology and population biology of forest pathogens (led by Jarkko Hantula at Metla)
  • Biology of Heterobasidion annosum (led by Jan Stenlid, SLU)
  • Host-pathogen interactions (led by Halvor Solheim, Skogforsk, Norway)
  • Decline of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) (led by Albertas Vasiliauskas, Lithuanian University of Agriculture)

Read more about PATHCAR (pdf)

Download the final report (pdf)