Spruce forest in Qvallsta. Photo: Mats Hannerz


SNS has succesfully supported forest research networks for many years. From 2012, networks are joint network within the SNS-EFINORD cooperation. The aim of the joint EFINORD-SNS networks are; to increase North European regional synergy within forest research by networking and joint utilisation of unique research facilities; to establish better contact between the forest research communities in the Nordic, Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic regions; to strengthen North European forest research and networking in Europe; and to encourage North European forest researchers to take part in pan-European and international projects.

Network grants are for 1 year, and a self financing component of at minimum 50% of the total budget of the network is required. Reporting forms for networks can be downloaded here:

Networks 2015

Networks 2014

The networks of “PRIFOR”, “FORDIS” and “Continuous forest cover” had joint activities in 2014.

Previous networks

You can also find information on previous networks.