Tjarad timmervagg. Photo: Mats Hannerz

Wood Science and Engineering

N2011-07: Nordic-Baltic Network for Wood Science and Engineering

Coordinator: Erik Larnøy, Skog og Landskap,

Financing: 153.000 DKK

Activities 2012:

8th meeting “Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering (WSE)” in Lithuania, 2012.

Proceedings WSE 2012

Final program WSE 2012

Participant list WSE 2012

Presentations 2012


Activities 2011:

  • A two-day workshop on wood-science and engineering, with publication of the proceedings.
  • Download final report 2011.

Download the full proceedings of the 7th meeting of the NORDIC-BALTIC NETWORK IN WOOD MATERIAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (WSE), October 27-28, 2011, Oslo, Norway here or as separate chapters here.

Kristoffer Segerholm from KTH i Stockholm and Erik Larnøy, Skog og landskap.

Photo: Lars Sandved Dalen, Skog og landskap

Advisor Silje Trollstøl from Landbruks- og matdepartementet.

Photo: Lars Sandved Dalen, Skog og landskap.

Read more about the workshop here (in Norwegian).

Program and list of participants here.

All presentations are available for download here:

Wood, a traditional, innovative and important material in Norway

Wood, material of the future

Natural durability of wood in Norway

Functional genomics of wood degradation

Succession of staining fungi on acetylated wood

Fungal disfigurement of acetylated wood

Mould growth resistance of fungicide-containing WPC

Changes in the chemical and mechanical properties of ash-tree wood

Chemical changes of untreated and hydrothermally modified hardwood

Thermal modification of birch using saturated and superheated steam

A two-step wood protection process

Leaching of commonly used impregnation agents

Enhanced service life of coated wooden facades

The effect of wood properties on the natural watehering performance

FTIR study on comparison between wood mould fungi cultivated on wood…

Effects of wood properties on surface mould growth…

Absorption of liquid water in specimens of coated cladding of Norway spruce

Carbon footprint of wood products

A situational analysis of the furniture manufacturing industry in Latvia

Natural building materials: what are the users’ perception of naturalness?

Activity-based costing in wood-value chain: Sawmilling case

Material flows in the Norwegian sawmilling industry

New member 2012 “Northern Germany”

Forest Products Research Institute

Sorption behaviour of Scots pine in northern Europe

Determination of wood moisture properties using CT-scanner in a controlled environment

Water absoption in coated wood

Wood weathering from a service life perspective

Optimal design guidelines for plywood sandwich panels

Modification of wood with an anti-oxidant tannin derivative

Wet-storage of birch logs for protection against discolouration

The use of esterified lignin for synthesis of durable composites

Self-binding fibreboard made of steam exploded wood

In-situ polymerization of polyaniline in veneers

Physical and mechanical anisotropy in overmature Lithuanian-grown Scots pine

Tool wear effects on the surface formation when milling wood

Effect of kerfing on crack formation in Scots pine log house timber

Pelletizing of softwood and hardwood with single channel pellet presses

Moisture content of Norway spruce stump wood after harvesting

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The network is also active on the ‘Bruk av tre’ Facebook site (in Norwegian).