SNS – NKJ Networks

SNS is collaborating together with the Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (NKJ) by financing Nordic research networks. The aim of this collaboration and funding opportunity is to promote international and cross-sectorial networking between researchers and stakeholders from the agricultural and forestry sectors.

These networks will form a platform for communication and assess challenges, knowledge gaps and opportunities in the areas of sustainable biomass utilisation and production in both sectors, while in context of the transition to a greater bio-based economy.


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SNS-NKJ Networks:

  1. SNS-NKJ 01: “Fibre Ties – The use of fibrous materials from biomass”
  2. SNS-NKJ 02: “Sustainable production of biomass – a sectorial perspective”
  3. SNS-NKJ 03: “Effects of bioenergy production from forests and agriculture on ecosystem services in Nordic and Baltic landscapes”
  4. SNS-NKJ 04: “The Nordic network for pathogen-informed control of oomycete diseases in forestry and agriculture”