“Sustainable production of biomass – a sectorial perspective”

SNS-NKJ 02: “Sustainable production of biomass – a sectorial perspective”
Coordinator: Dimitris Athanassiadis, Dimitris.Athanassiadis@slu.se
Funded with 180.000 SEK


A Forest Sector Model (FSM) is a model (numerical or strictly analytical) which takes into account  both forestry and forest industries  and main interactions between these two sectors. The SNS-NKJ BioSect network project recognizes the need for this type of model for analyzing different strategies related to the emerging bioeconomy: What will happen to food production, what are the consequences for forest biodiversity, what is the footprint in other regions of the world, how fast can energy in the transport sector be substituted by bioenergy?  of increasing the use of feedstock from agriculture and forests in EU?


The complexity of the issue makes it pertinent to bring together experts in a number of fields, not only economists mastering sector analysis but experts in a range of different fields related to, for instance, technology, ecology, and carbon flows and stocks.


The aim of the network is, by gathering researchers in the field in the Nordic countries, to map existing competencies and current activities, to find synergies and gaps, and lay a basis for future research cooperation and common research application.


The main activities of the network consist of 3meetings, of which 2 are internal workshops and one is larger and open symposium with international participation scheduled for spring 2017.