Preventive and restorative measures to reduce damage on forests – Phythoptora diseases in focus (2013-2015)

SNS-117: Preventive and restorative measures to reduce damage on forests – Phythoptora diseases in focus (2013-2015)

Project leader: Jan Stenlid, for sale SLU, look Sweden,

Financing: 300,000 DKK/year for 3 years

During the last century, epidemics of pathogens from the genus Phytophthora have destroyed forest ecosystems worldwide, causing both enormous economic losses as well as significant ecological damage. Phytophthoras are especially unpredictable due to inherent capacity to rapidly adapt and change behavior (host jumps and hybridization). There is a strong association between the worldwide spread of these pathogens and plant trade via nurseries.

Phytophthora diseases pose emerging threat for forests of North Europe. On the other hand, as the pathogens prevailingly originate from forest nurseries and are transferred to forests with infected planting material, this provides opportunity for disease prevention and restoration of infested sites. Yet, in order to do this, identity of the pathogens and their distribution must be known.

The project has roots in the SNS pilot project ‘Risk assessment and establishment of a system to address potential pathogens in Nordic forestry as a result of climate change’ and interacts with the SNS-EFINORD financed ‘Nordic and North-European network Phytophthora diseases of forest trees’. The project aim is to assess the identity and distribution of Phytophthoras in key pathosystems, and to elaborate on preventive and restoration measures.


Annual Report 2013
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Scientific Article by Redondo et al 2015

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